I’m a father first and a photographer second. I’ve been an entrepreneur my entire life and I sell an experience. I’m driven by my passions and I shoot what I love. I work with and spend my time with people and brands that I enjoy and respect. Laughter holds great value in my world. I'm driven by passion, a challenge and my creative vision. The best part of my job is the connections that I make with people with or without a camera in my hand.

The Experience

I love making images. I get inspired when I collaborate with people to create something cool, something dynamic, sexy and truly unique. I am motivated by the thought of capturing images that evoke emotion.

If you are booking with me based on a referral you already know that this is going to be a different shooting experience then you’ve had before. I’m invested in every session I take and I’m passionate about making images that capture emotion, feeling and are unique to each client. My hope is that the environment we create in my studio allows clients to truly relax, feel confident, feel free to collaborate, and express themselves in images that are a reflection of who they are.

I look forward to getting to know you.

– Brian

Our team and partners

Hair & Makeup

Shauna Daniels

Hair & Makeup is a huge part of any shoot and Shauna Daniels of pretty Me makeup is not only great at what she does but clients love her! She’s a great friend who doesn’t let her bad singing voice stop her from belting anything from the 90’s. I knew she was a keeper when she told me that she and her hubby used to have "Journey Parties,”
Never trust anyone that says they don’t like Journey


Team West

Additional info coming soon

West Studio works closely with Sheridan College Photography Degree and their co-op program. We also have a mentor program and love working with young, driven photographers.
Please contact Brian directly for more information.

Additional Partners

West Studio works closely with some of the best and most trusted in the industry

List of Partners coming soon