Brain Reilly of West Studio is the kind of photographer every creative director hopes for. An artistic visionary, incredibly accommodating and willing to try anything, at least once. He immediately understood my vision and began to brainstorm ways to execute and better yet, improve it. After working with him only once his striking images had surpassed my expectations and he continues to impress. His laid back personality make set a fun and motivational environment. Brain is extremely talented and an absolute pleasure. -Erin Lutz

— Erin Lutz ( Creative Director, STRONG Fitness Magazine )

15 years in the fashion industry has given me the chance to work with some amazingly talented people. But working with Brian was more than that. Not only is Brian talented, he is also professional and he understood my vision. This type of attitude is built with experience. Thank you Brian, your amazing.

— Paulina Greco ( International Model )

I have done a LOT of photo shoots over the last 6 years. I choose the photographers based on style and editing qualities. I have seen a lot of pictures that do not end up looking like the individual. I have spent HUGE $$ and I also not so much $$. As a fitness competitor I have my poses DOWN PAT! I have a routine that I tear through at every shoot. And then I met Brian!!

I was drawn to his images as I saw them start to pop up. Friends of mine were shooting with him, and they looked like THEMSELVES in the images. I loved that there were so many different styles. I hymned and hawed and then fate played out and he answered me about something else I was looking for on FB. I liked his vibe...so I booked!

Lets just say.. he totally got a different me. He did not want to shoot my same basic poses... he wanted to find something else inside of me that had never been shot. He took the time before the shoot to gather a story board of things I wanted, he really took the time to listen. As my hair and make up was getting done he told me his style... in no way was it about not doing what I wanted... but more into having me open up to try different things... still based on the looks I was after. To still show ME.. but from different angles etc.

He literally CRAFTED each picture. It was art. I was blown away at his attention to detail even before he took a shot.

I can't say enough about my experience.

Do not hesitate to book with Brian! Before he has a waiting list a year long!!

— Carol Elizabeth ( Fitness Competitor, Trainer & Entrepreneur )

Brian has an eye for capturing the in between moments that capture the true YOU. A subtle glance, a moment on a drift or a full hearted laugh that embodies your essence. I've had the absolute pleasure of working with Brian several times. He is so easy going and relaxed, you can't help but bring your best to set. Our images have landed many highly regarded publications, covers and features as well as use in advertisements with leading international supplement company - MusclePharm for their Fit Miss line of products. I'm looking forward to seeing what creative & exciting images our next shoot will bring.

— Francisca Dennis ( Fitness model, Cover Girl, Actress )

Working with Brian was an absolute pleasure. His lighting and attention to detail made the shoot a huge success. The real magic to happened because of his ability to keep things light and relaxed on set with his sense of humor. What a great experience!

— Lauren Berlingeri ( New York Based, Model and TV host )

We needed a new look for our images. Brian helped us focus on what that new look should be and then he delivered!.... And continues to deliver.

— Mike Purkis ( President , Joe Boxer Canada )

After many attempts to work together, Brian Reilly from West Studio and I finally connect to create some images that I believe to be some of my best! When you enter West Studio you can feel the creative energy oozing through the walls. Brian was easy to work with, always conscious of making the model and everyone else in the room feel comfortable and with the liberty of self-expression. I would 100% work with Brian and his team again and look forward to more!

— Rita Catolino ( Cover Model, TV Host, Speaker and Fitness Model )

"West Studio is a dream to work with. Brian thrived in the chaos of shooting one of our most important covers to date. He and his team are so professional and accommodating.

— Kirstyn Brown ( Editor-in-Chief, STRONG Fitness Magazine )